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Setup Progress

What to know before you begin

Connect To Your Filimin

  1. Unplug and replug your Filimin into a wall outlet.
    Filimins are configurable only for the first two minutes that they are plugged in.
      After you replug your Filimin in, you should see your Filimin slowly pulse green --- your Filimin is looking for your Wi-Fi.
      If you have not configured your Filimin to your Wi-Fi before, your Filimin will soon pulse a faster orange --- your Filimin failed to find a known Wi-Fi connection.
      No worries. That's why you are here!
  2. Connect to your Filimin using password: I love you
    The process varies, but is typically:
      Click the wireless network icon on the status bar of your screen.
      Click the network named 'Filimin_#######' and then click "Connect". This temporarily disconnects you from the Internet.
      If given the option, uncheck "Connect Automatically".
      When prompted for the password, type I love you
      Be sure to type the password exactly as shown above, paying attention to spaces and capitals.
  3. Your Filimin will slowly pulse violet and this page will update once your device connects.
      It may take up to 30 seconds for this page to update after you have connected.
      If you cannot connect to your Filimin, unplug and replug your Filimin in and try again.

Setup Wi-Fi

    Congratulations! You have connected to your Filimin!

    Your Filimin should now be pulsing violet
      Select the Wi-Fi name you wish your Filimin to connect to from the dropdown list.
      If your Wi-Fi is not listed, you may type it by choosing the Wi-Fi name not listed option in the Dropdown.
      Every letter for both your Wi-Fi name and password is case sensitive. Is and 1s look alike, as do Os and 0s. You must type every letter or number for both the name and password correctly for your Filimin to connect.
      Click the Next button when you are done.
Show Password

Color Settings

    Choose a Color Range

      Your Filimin can show hundreds of colors when you touch it.
      Some families and loved ones wish to limit the colors their Filimin will show when it is touched. That way everybody knows which Filimin was touched by the color they see.
      If you wish to limit the color range of your Filimin, choose the start and end range of colors you would like your Filimin to show by dragging the sliders on the circles below.
      Look at the range in betwen the circles to see the color range you have chosen.

    Choose Community Mode

    What is Community Mode?
      Community Mode is for families and loved ones who prefer not to know which Filimin was touched, but still wish to know when a new person touches their Filimin.
      When members cannot know which individuals are participating and how often, they will instead focus on the community itself.
    How does Community Mode work?
      Whether or not you choose Community mode for your Filimin, it will light a random color in the color range you have selected when you first touch it.
      However, in Community Mode, your Filimin will change only shades of the same color if you continue to touch it. The small color changes tells everybody the same Filimin is being touched.
      When a new Filimin is touched, the color will change dramatically to let everybody know that somebody has responded.




Community Mode


Set various time options for your Filimin

Set Current Time

Current Time:
reset to current time

Sleepy Time

    With Sleepy Time turned on, your Filimin will light dimly and only for a few seconds during the time window you set.
    If you put your Filimin in a bedroom, this can be handy so it doesn't disturb anybody when they are sleeping.
Sleepy Time
Sleepy Time Start:
Sleepy Time End:

Fade Time

    After your Filimin lights, it will gradually fade.
    Select how long you would like your Filimin to take to fade complete off.
Fade Time:


    Almost done!

      Click the save button below to save your settings.
      Your Filimin will restart (pulse green) with your new settings.


    Your Filimin Is Configured!

    Your Filimin has confirmed that your settings have been saved! It is now rebooting and should now be pulsing green. While your Filimin did not confirm that your settings have been saved, you can be sure they were if your Filimin has now rebooted and is currently pulsing green.
      After pulsing green for several seconds, your Filimin will soon turn a solid red then aqua and finally sing a celebratory rainbow to you!
      The celebration is quick, and afterward your Filimin may appear to be off. Just touch it with your entire hand and it will come to life, lighting one of hundreds of colors.
      If your Filimin pulses a fast orange instead, no worries. Do not unplug it but instead wait 2 minutes while it continues to flash orange. It will then pulse green slowly again, and will likely connect successfully on a second try.

    Now Connect back to your Internet

    Now that your Filimin is configured, you can connect back to your Internet:
      Click the wireless network icon on the status bar of your screen.
      Click the network name of your router then click "Connect".
      After you have connected back to your Internet, the Next button below will be enabled.

    Then Register Your Filimin!

    With your Filimin and you both connected back to your Wi-Fi, you can click the Next button to:
      Create an account.
      Register, set up and reconfigure your Filimin to connect with your loved ones
      Optionally set or change colors, fade, and sleep times.


      In almost all cases where your Filimin continues to cycle between a slow pulsing green and fast pulsing orange after successful configuration, you have typed your Wi-Fi name or password incorrectly. Remember that both Wi-Fi names and passwords are case-sensitive. Triple check your Wi-Fi name and password, connect back to the Internet, refresh this page, and try again.
      If your Filimin continues to pulse violet, your settings were not saved. Click on the Prev button below to try again.
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